Category: Economic Development

Human Capital & Technical Skills (A Case Study on Myanmar’s)

Education plays a vital role in the realization of ecological human resource development programmes of any nation.  The fast changing technical improvement of information and communication technology has changed the way the world connect and is therefore a requirement for Myanmar’s human development (UNDP 2013) in all grounds. More...
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How human and social capitals collectively help drive growth and development?

In 1964, Becker describes human capital as the skills and knowledge that make individuals productive similar to the physical capital to invest in ones’ knowledge and the skills for its future return on that investment. Knowledge however can have important implications for the long-term sustainability of firms. Researcher Tanner...
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Why world trade is rising faster than world output?

As global poverty related problems are on the rise, industries awareness of ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues can effectively eliminate the issue of detrimental reputation matters to deliver sustainable earnings through free trade.  Free trade is according to source defines as an organized social undertaking that endorses...
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