Development prospects and the Role of State

The Vision 2050 fundamental qualities of successful expert planning include understanding the current situation, identifying the obstacles, and creating a pathway to overcome obstaclesThe eventual shift and transformation of the world resources consumption provide unique opportunities for business that recognize they can no longer function in the normal mode.  Governments and civil society must build a different vision of the future where “economic growth has been decoupled from ecosystem destruction and material consumption and re-coupled with sustainable economic development and societal well-being.”

The key thing of the UNFCCC on the other hand is to safeguard the climate system “on the basis of equality and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.” The principle of ‘common but differentiated responsibility’ comprises two vital elements.  1) The common responsibility of actors to protect the environment, or portions of it, at the local, regional and universal levels. 2) The condition to take into account the diverse situations, for the most part each player’s input to the problem and its capacity to avoid, lessen and control the risk are in reality imperative.

While the Kuznets theory of real-world relationship unquestionably exists between economic growth and pollution; the study by The World Bank and academic found experimental evidence that reinforced an inverse U-shaped relationship occurred.  But then there are a multitude of factors and issues that drive income disparity not just political and economic consequences and implications.  The Erickson’s propositions of a problem-orientation approach might be easily foreseen than achieved though.  Given that it appeals on each perspective, addressing difficult problems and building shared understanding which supports solutions that are “sustainable, equitable, and efficient”. 

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